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Shining Force began in 1995 through a vision from God to Billy Vaughn to do outreaches primarily in parks in the poverty stricken wards of Houston, TX. In 1997 Billy connected with Randy Dickey through a peculiar and miraculous media source who shared the same Vision; “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:18

Shining Force began by playing a Bible Study and soon God orchestrated the band and they captured the hearts of several street ministries. Through one of the outreaches they meet the Aguilar’s who paid for their first demo entitled “More Than Conquerors” in 1998. The band played several hundred events through the next three years reaching several thousand for the Kingdom of God. They played at the Westheimer Arts Festival several times, the Star of Hope for women and children, several outdoor rallies for the poor and homeless, Car Shows, Churches, Youth Groups and Christian themed clubs to name a few.

 Shining Force’s follow up first full length album was “Holy Nation” financed again by the Aguilars produced through Dewlen Studios. The band received several good reviews through multiple webzines, magazines and radio stations. Their music was also listened to by over 26 countries while soaring on the then popular

 Randy and Billy kept cranking out the songs and made some changes in the line-up because some of the members could not handle the increasing demand. At this time they brought in some stronger musical talent and was approached by several indie labels. They signed up with “Bloodbought Records” out of New Jersey and recorded the self- titled “Shining Force”. The album had a stronger sense of musicianship and was well received. The band was approached by Metal Blade Germany but the deal was not right for them. The band began breaking into the mainstream due to their hard hitting chord structures, incredible leads, crunchy hooks and catchy riffs and supported by a powerful double bass attack on drums. The vocals were along the talent level of Priest, Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, Stryper and Iced Earth to name a few.  

 The band officially crossed over to playing religious and secular venues and drew sizable audiences. Several thousand received the Word of God, hundreds were saved through Jesus Christ and many others set free from multiple sicknesses, possession and addictions. In addition, they opened up for several legendary rock artists and national recording artists on the secular and Christian scenes. They began work on the next full length album “By The Blood” their heaviest and most intricate work to date with Heald Studios.

 The band released some of the demo through the “Beyond The Riff” radio show dedicated to the Christian Metal Scene. They received raving reviews. During the process of recording Billy was struck by a deadly illness and two key members decided to part ways after 8 years. Shining Force continued to do outreaches and shows until the illness turned for the worse. Billy went through a transplant procedure and is in the process of recovering.

 During the interim Randy, Dave and Dan along with Chris, Randy’s son created a contemporary spin off of Shining Force while Billy recovered. This band was and is also well received. In addition, it became the vehicle to bring Billy back into shape and re-mold his desire to play again.

 Billy is now getting better and back to playing shape and have potentially found the right replacement members. Soon the album will be completed and the band will be better than ever before mixing the classic metal sound with the modern era.

 Make no mistake Shining Force is honored to call Jesus Lord. We do not judge rather minster through love and provide a positive Metal product with the message of life and salvation through the King Jesus Christ. Our lyrics are plain and we do not hide our Faith in order to please the media or masses. Our Vision is simple; see souls won to the Kingdom of God, set the captives free, minister to the sick, imprisoned, children, hungry, widow, orphans and single parent homes.

 Our tests have become and are becoming our testimony. We are indeed Warriors for Christ.